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ICF Survival Stories

Tornado Proof

Tornado Proof ICF Home

ICF homes can withstand winds up to 250 mph and the 100 mph flying debris generated by those storms. The picture above shows an ICF home that was under construction when an F4 tornado tore through this Stoughton, WI neighborhood. While the surrounding homes were destroyed, the ICF home survived.

Hurricane Proof

Hurricane Proof ICF Home

The ICF home pictured above and below are the sole survivors in their neighborhoods that were blown away by Hurricane Katrina. You’ll notice the cement slabs that surround the ICF homes; each one of these was the foundation of a home that was completely destroyed.

Hurricane Proof ICF Home

Sound Proof

Sound Proof ICF Home
Sound Proof ICF Home

ICF walls are up to 50% stronger than typical poured concrete walls. The insulating foam of the ICF allows the cement inside them to cure at an optimum rate, allowing the concrete to achieve much greater strength. The picture to the above left shows the damage done to a car that drove into an ICF building at a high rate of speed. As you can see, while the car was destroyed, the ICF home suffered only minor cosmetic damage that was easily repaired. The family living in the above home was watching TV when the car ran into their house and they did not even hear this collision. Insurance companies also recognize these strength benefits and offer discounts on ICF buildings which can save you up to 20% on your home insurance.

Fire Proof

Fire Proof ICF Home

ICF homes have up to a 4-hour fire rating. The picture above shows an ICF home that is still standing after a wildfire swept through the area. As you can see, the ICF home appears to be virtually unaffected by the flames and heat that destroyed everything else in its path.

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